Product Overview

The building material developed over millions of years…….

The ultimate construction material isn’t the product of a research lab. It’s been designed by nature to adapt to almost every climate on earth.

Wood is always at home whether it’s hot or cold, humid or arid. It’s little wonder that it’s used in 70% of housing throughout the world today.

Modern timber frames are precision engineered to the highest level of accuracy and quality. Though it’s relatively lightweight , it’s remarkably strong and durable. Having been sourced from renewable forests, it’s truly sustainable.

In fact, it’s the only mainstream building material, during production, ie. whilst growing , that actually helps to store carbon and reduce greenhouse gases. When you choose a timber frame construction, you can be safe in the knowledge that it’s a method that has stood the test of time like no other.

So What is Timber frame?

  • Timber frame construction is the most popular method of building in the developed world. It’s currently used in over 25% of all new houses in the UK and it’s becoming more widespread in the commercial sector too. It’s versatility and flexibility is seeing timber frame increasingly being used in education facilities, retail units of all sizes, healthcare and office blocks – in fact any project where speed, economy without compromise and a lower carbon footprint are desirable.

With our timber frame system, our insulated panels form the supporting structure replacing structural concrete block or steelwork. The panels have vertical studs to provide their strength. This is then strengthened further with an external timber sheathing. The void between is then pressure injected with liquid insulation that expands to expel any air.

On site the panels fit together in the manner of large scale, tongue and groove. The panels arrive and can be almost immediately lifted and slotted into position. Then building can then be finished with stone, brick, block, render or timber cladding.

Why timber frame

  • Overall it’s considerably faster. It reduces the need for lengthy on site labour. It can continue to be built in all weather conditions, except strong winds.
  • The precision engineering used in manufacturing the panels reduces errors during the build. Your building will be almost millimetre identical to your original plans. This makes ordering and fitting bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, furniture etc. much easier.
  • For planning purposes, timber framed construction is favoured by planning authorities due to its sustainabilty.The excellent insulation and thermal efficiency of our injected panels, virtually eliminates the need for central heating, reducing living costs and energy bills.
  • The acoustic and soundproofing properties of our panels make them preferable if building in areas where noise pollution may be a problem.
  • Our timber panels can be made to any size and shape. They can also be combined with steel, glass, stone etc. This makes for a huge choice of styles and designs, making it truly flexible and suitable for any style of architecture.
    The government has set targets to make all new builds in the UK zero carbon by 2016. Our system already achieves this.